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Best 5 Falafels You Cannot Afford To Miss

You’re missing out if you have not tasted these mouthwatering falafels. These falafels are supper yummy and healthy to keep you refreshed at anytime. I promise you that these spicy falafels will kepo your mouth watering all day. Try them out and thank me later. Vegan Falafel Fritters This vegan dairy-free falafel recipe is perfect […]

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Avocado Toast Garnished with Garbanzo Beans

Here’s one yummy meal vegans don’t want to miss out on. Avocado toast garnished with garbanzo Beans is a meal rich in nutrient, which everyone on vegan diet will want to keep abreast with.Serves: 1Ingredients for  Preparing Avocado Toast with Garbanzo Beans Large Avocados – 1 Cup  Cherry Tomatoes – 1/2 cup Garbanzo Beans – 1/4 […]

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