What Can I Use Instead Of Parchment Paper In An Air Fryer? Best Substitutes

When using an air fryer, you would always want to be careful to prevent sticking and dripping from the food that you are cooking. This is why using parchment paper is quite important. However, in cases where you don’t have access to parchment paper, this article is written to give you suitable alternatives to use in such situations. Let’s dive right in.

Aluminium Foil

Given its similarities to parchment paper, this is a great substitute. For one, it has a silicon coating that keeps it from melting at the extremely high temperatures of baking. In order to prevent food from sticking, oil must be added because the pan is not non-stick.

Lining pans and plates with aluminum foil will keep them cleaner for longer and make cleanup a breeze. It can also be used to steam chicken and fish in the oven.

Iron Pans

If you have cast-iron skillets but no parchment paper, you can still use your air fryer to prepare your favorite foods. As long as they are a suitable size, feel free to utilize them. Due to their high thermal conductivity, they provide for uniform heating of the entire cooking surface.

This is helpful because it keeps fresh cheeses and other meals with sauces from melting all over the appliance.


If you don’t have parchment paper for your air fryer, oiling the pan will work just as well for frying eggs or meat. Using oil is helpful since it not only gives food more taste but also keeps it from sticking to your pan.

Thankfully, any oil will do in this situation. Canola oil is the most widely used kind since it does not alter the taste of the food you cook with it. If you want flavor, though, coconut oil is what you should use.


Without parchment paper, but with butter, the air fryer basket can be easily seasoned. Picking the right lubricant is important. You may notice a very subtle salinity in your butter. It also adds a layer of protection to whatever you’re eating.

If you prefer a less salty final product but still want to use butter, substitute with shortening. In most cases, shortening can be used in place of butter because it has a similar texture and a lack of flavor. Don’t mistake it for unsalted butter, though.


When greasing a cake or baking pan, it’s best to focus on the bottom and the sides for the best non-stick results. If you want to bake with your air fryer but don’t have any parchment paper, a light dusting of flour on the basket will ensure that your food sticks well to the fat.

The flour will gravitate toward the butter because it acts as a lubricant. The recipe may call for a thin layer, but you should always use a thicker one.

Non-Stick Silicone Baking Mats

A popular brand name for this product is Silpat paper. It is obvious from the name that it is suitable for use in baking. It’s more expensive than parchment paper, but it works quite well in its place. It is the best baking surface for both professional bakeries and home kitchens because it lasts so long.

This mat is perfect for use in an air fryer since it operates at very high temperatures. Because it has a non-stick coating, pre-greasing is unnecessary. As a result, you’ll spend far less on mainstays like flour and oil.

You may reuse Silpat paper as often as you like. After each usage, rinse it with water and a mild cleaning agent.

Glass Baking Sheet

This material is, as its name implies, a sustainable glass with exceptional durability. It works wonderfully as a replacement for parchment paper when using an air fryer. The fact that it can be used for so many things is what we like best about it.

An excellent illustration of this is delivering hot meals straight from the oven to the table. A glass baking sheet can save you money, can tolerate high temperatures, is lightweight, and is simple to clean. The only real drawback is that it won’t keep your meal hot for very long.

Can I make my own air fryer liner?

Yes, you can. Making your own customized home-made airfryer parchment paper is quite easy. All you need to do is get regular parchment paper and cut it to the size of your air fryer basket. Make some holes in it with a hole puncher and you are good to go. With more holes, you will get better air circulation when cooking your food.

Are air fryer liners necessary?

Using air fryer liners isn’t a must. However, there are still some reasons why you would want to use them. I have listed some below.

  • They help prevent your food from sticking to your plate. The risk of sticking increases if you rely solely on the wire racks within it; this can damage or rip delicate foods like fish, and makes cleanup more of a hassle. Liners for air fryers are a perfect solution for this issue.
  • Cleaning your air fryer and its parts is a breeze with a liner. When you use liners, you’ll save time and energy, and you’ll also be easier on your machine. You’ll be able to avoid scratching your air fryer with trapped food or scraping for longer use and more efficiency.
  • You may crisp your food without worrying about it burning on these. Air fryer liners can be used at high temperatures, allowing your food to get incredibly hot and crisp up perfectly without being directly exposed to the heat source. Even though it’s considerably simpler, you should still keep an eye on your meal and utilize the liners correctly.

How can I keep food from sticking to the air fryer?

To prevent your food from sticking to the air fryer, there are some tips that you can try out.

1.You can rub the food lightly with oil. Inasmuch as the idea of cooking without oil in an air fryer is a wonderful one, rubbing oil on food can help prevent it from sticking. It also promotes browning and crispness in your food.

2. You can also spray the air fryer basket with oil. It will go a long way toward preventing the food from sticking.

3. A third option involves the use of aluminum foil. You simply line the surfaces of the air fryer basket with foil and place whatever you are cooking on them. This is the best method to prevent sticking, as the food isn’t in direct contact with the basket.

Can I use oil instead of parchment paper?

Yes, you can. As stated above, oil is a good substitute for parchment paper. Its major function is to prevent your food from sticking to it. In addition, depending on the kind of oil that you use, it can add extra flavors to your food.

Can I place a paper towel in my air fryer?

You shouldn’t attempt this

Air fryers can be thought of as extremely potent convection ovens. These fans can work at extremely high temperatures and move air quickly within the machine. Because of this, the food inside can be made in a short amount of time.

Using paper towels can be dangerous because they could catch fire inside the appliance. Because paper towels are combustible, they should never be used in an air fryer. A similar outcome is conceivable in the event that the paper towel becomes dislodged and comes into contact with the heating source. The consequences can be extremely severe.

Can I spray Pam on my air fryer?

No you shouldn’t.

Aerosol sprays such as Pam have a bad reputation for damaging the coating of air fryer baskets. These aerosol sprays generally cause damage to nonstick surfaces, and your air fryer basket is no different. These sprays contain some chemicals that could cause chipping in your basket. To avoid such occurrences, use spray that is 100% oil.

Can I use a pyrex dish in my air fryer?

Air fryers are like mini ovens, and as such, they can reach really high temperatures. This must inform your decision when choosing what kind of vessel to place on its inside. In general, most glassware can be quite brittle and not suited for high temperatures. They can break under high temperatures. This is why you must exercise caution in choosing the kind of glassware to place your food inside.

Pyrex is a kind of glassware that is quite resistant to high temperatures. This is because it is composed of soda lime glass, which is generally used for making glass that is intended for high temperatures in various applications, such as industries and laboratories. Due to this fact, Pyrex is perfectly okay to use in your air fryer.

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