Is apple wood good for smoking chicken?

Wondering if applewood is an excellent choice for your barbecued chicken? There is good news, it is a go! 

Apple wood is a fantastic choice for smoking chicken. Meats smoked over applewood are milder and more subtly sweet. This wood is best reserved for grilling chicken and meat, especially ham.

The smoke from apple wood adds a pleasant flavor that may really make your chicken stand out. Apple wood is extensively used by barbeque aficionados and can be found in most supermarkets.

When smoking chicken, what are some good wood combinations to use?

Chicken is wonderful when smoked, and diverse flavors can be achieved by using different wood combinations. 

 Oak and hickory are often used together because this combination delivers the ideal amount of smoke while also maintaining a robust taste.

A delicious and pleasant aroma can also be achieved by combining apple and cherry woods. 

For a more authentic BBQ flavor, try combining hickory and mesquite. 

maple and pecan woods both contribute a more subdued flavor to the ribs, which works nicely with the inherent sweetness of the meat. 

If you’re looking for the right flavor when next you smoke chicken, trying out different wood pairings is a terrific way to do so.

Why is applewood so great for smoking chicken?

The advantages of apple wood are twofold. First, it enhances the flavor of whatever you’re cooking. Second, it can shorten the time it takes to prepare food. What follows is an in-depth discussion of the aforementioned advantages.

Apple wood’s distinctive sweetness and fruity flavor make it a great smoking wood for a variety of meats and fish. Not only that, though. Cooking with apple wood adds a pleasant smokiness to whatever you’re making.

The cooking process can be sped up with apple wood, which is also recognized for its aromatic qualities. Apple wood can be used to expedite the smoking process, making it ideal for meats like chicken and hog.

On the other hand, cooking with apple wood speeds up the drying out process. You may want to switch to a different kind of wood if you’re smoking red meats like beef or lamb.

It’s overshadowed by bolder woods like hickory and mesquite since it’s so mellow.

However, when utilized properly, apple wood may add depth to savory dishes without masking them.

What are some things to consider when using applewood?


Examine the dimensions and shape of the wood carefully. Smoke from fires made with wood chunks, as opposed to wood chips, tends to be more consistent and gradual.

For the greatest results, use thin twigs from an apple tree or apple wood chips rather than bigger logs or moderate-sized chunks.

Apple tree  chips not only burn more quickly than other types of wood and are more easily accessible, but they also emit significantly less smoke than most other types of wood. We advise against utilizing logs unless you are an experienced aficionado.


When shopping for a smoker, you need to give some thought to how much apple  wood will be necessary to keep it going. The capacity of your smoker will, without a doubt, play a role in determining the quantity of wood that you will need.


Never use wood from an evergreen apple tree for smoking. You should expect a quicker burn time and a softer feel from this wood due to its increased air content and noticeable sap.

In addition, the higher air content of this wood will leave an off-putting strange taste in your meat. Instead of using softwood, hardwood should be used. As an added precaution, you should stay away from chemically treated wood.

Raw or Seasoned Wood

Check to see if the timber from the apple tree is dry or damp. Never, ever use freshly cut wood for smoking. Because it contains more sap than moist wood, it burns in an uneven manner and adds a peculiar flavor to the food that you cook with it. The best material to work with is dry timber.

Bark or No Bark

People who grill with apple tree wood often debate if it’s necessary to remove the bark. Whether you decide to get rid of it or not is a matter of preference.

While some people enjoy stripping away the outer layer, others do not. The bark is usually removed, but not always. The bark has more air pockets, making it more flammable than the actual wood.

The apple wood features

It’s important to choose wood from the correct kind of apple tree, which involves thinking about things like:

  • The Age of the Tree
  • Season of its harvesting
  • The section of the tree from which the lumber was cut.
  • The flavor of the smoke is affected by all of these factors. For instance, the smoking aromas that young trees create are far better than those of older trees.

What Kind of Wood Smoker You Have

The quality of the smoke might also be affected by the smoker you use. If you want to prevent producing an excessive amount of smoke, be sure that the smoker you’re using has a good seal on it.

Doing so will keep oxygen out of your meal and preserve its flavor. Wood chips or pieces should be added to the coals of a charcoal smoker.

How do you smoke meat using applewood

Prepare your meat by cutting it into slices. Remember that cooler cuts of meat allow smoke to permeate more easily. Make sure your food doesn’t get too warm.

As soon as the meat is sliced, add it to the pan. 

You can even use a spray bottle to add moisture before serving the meat. Instead, I used apple juice to add sweetness and depth to the meal—almost like biting into a fresh apple.

Apply your favorite spice rub to the meat. If you want to keep things simple, you can go with salt, pepper, and garlic powder. The meat’s flavor will improve dramatically if you follow these instructions.

Smoke your food over water in a smoker. The slower rate of evaporation that occurs as a result of the presence of water helps to maintain the meat’s juiciness and tenderness. You may use this to cook the meat slowly.

When smoking meat using apple wood, a low and slow approach is essential. Avoid scorching your meat by keeping it away from the stove’s broiler.

It’s important to get the freshly trimmed wood into the smoker as soon as possible, but you should only do so once the fire has sufficiently heated up. You should know that the first few minutes of smoking are crucial for infusing the meat with wood flavor.

How Do I Choose the right Wood for Smoking Chicken

It takes skill to gather firewood. You can’t go around picking up sticks at will. The same holds true when looking for prime chicken-smoking wood. For at least a year, it must be seasoned or carefully dried out. Let’s check out some of the other factors that matter.

Keep in mind that softwoods (like cedar) work better for smoking fish than hardwoods (like apple or hickory). This is because your chicken will be ruined by the countless sparks produced by the rapid burning of softwoods. Softwood, on the other hand, can be used for fast-cooking foods like fish, vegetables, and ultra-thin pieces of meat.

Tree species

No two trees produce the same flavor or aroma. Furthermore, your chicken will absorb these fragrant seasonings. Hickory, oak, apple, pecan, maple, peach, and cherry are some of the most typical types of wood used for smoking chicken. Fruitwoods are recommended since they add flavor and color to your chicken without masking its natural flavor.

Oak-flavored chicken is usually too strong for the average American’s taste. Hickory is a southern favorite for frying, while maple gives meat a subtle sweetness. Hickory is used because some people enjoy the robust flavor it brings to chicken while others find it to be too much. Hickory, though, is more commonly associated with turkey. Pecan wood’s subtle nuttiness complements cashew chicken and other nut-based dishes beautifully.

Wood Layout

To avoid starting a raging wood fire, choose wood that emits smoke gradually and at low temperatures. Instead of building a fire in a fireplace, you can use a gas-powered grill, electric stove, or barbecue grate to cook your wood. It is dependent on the available counter space and stovetop.

When using wood for smoking, smaller pieces are preferable. This increases the available area from which smoke can be generated. Therefore, wood chips are preferable to, say, uncut driftwood logs when it comes to smoking. However, if you smoke outdoors on a barbecue, some of the chips may fall through.

If your grill has holes, you may want to use larger bits. However, if you’re more of a purist, you might prefer a dedicated smoker grill. Because of its often cylindrical shape, specific types of wood are required for the smoking chamber. The wood used for smoking can be purchased in a variety of forms, including briquettes, splints, pellets, and caked chips.

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