Can You Freeze Jello Shots? How Long Do They Last In The Fridge?

Jello shots are actually the life of the party. You can start your party in a spectator way with jello shots. They are normally served in little cups or small glasses as a form of appetizer at a party.

Maybe you intend to start a party during the weekend and you’re looking to know how long a jello shot can last if you put it in the fridge, or maybe you’ve just heard about jello shots and you’d like to learn more about them.

In this article, you will be given all the necessary information about jello shots and how long they are capable of lasting in the fridge.

And yes, it is true that you can actually freeze jello shots to enjoy them later.

Jello shots are capable of lasting in the freezer for up to four months before they get very soft and lose the firm shape they once had.

What are Jello shots actually?

Perhaps you’ve heard of Jello shots but have no idea what they are, or you’ve had a taste of them but have no idea what the ingredients are. Whatever it is, we’ll be providing the necessary information about what Jello shots are and what they are made of.

A Jello shot is basically a cocktail that is made from vodka, lemon juice, and any additional flavor that you prefer.

The gelatin added in the Jello shots serves as a preservative.

The Jello shot glass holds at least one ounce (30 ml) of liquid per shot.

The drink is mostly used when there’s a party, as it is nicknamed “the life of the party” because of the fun it brings.

How can Jello shots be made?

Not only can Jello shots bring life to your party, they can also save you some extra money from getting too many drinks with money that would have been used for something else to make the party even better. We’ll be providing all the needed information on how you can successfully make your own Jello shots. Kindly stay with us as we proceed.

There are two sure ways you can make your Jell-O shots. You can either make them in a pan or with individual cups that have lids.

First method: This method is the in-pan method. In order to make it, you need these ingredients: gelatin that is unflavored and mixed, water, gin or vodka, lime juice, sugar.

To begin the making process, do well to mix the gelatin, water, and sugar together.

After you’re done mixing, go ahead and stir in the gin or vodka until you confirm that it has completely dissolved.

After everything has been mixed nicely, you can go ahead and put them up until the cup sizes of your choice and put them into the refrigerator so they can set properly.

The second method: The second method is with separate cups that have lids.

Get your gelatin mix that is unflavored and your sugar.

Now to begin, pour the boiling water into an equal amount of cold water. Now go ahead and add one pack of dry powdered lemonade to give your jello shot the needed flavor.

Now go ahead and put the gelatin and water together until it becomes a liquid. After you’re done, you can now add your vodka or any gin to the combination. It should be an ounce for each cup.

Pour them into the number of cups you want and cover them for about four hours so they can set properly overnight.

Do take note that you’ll need to sip your Jell-O shots with a straw so they do not get stuck in your mouth.

Can Jello shots make you drunk? And how many shots does it take to be drunk?

Jello shots are a common drink at most parties that you’re likely to find. And yes, it does, people. If you’ve had more than the necessary cups of Jello shots that you are supposed to take, then you must have experienced how intoxicating it can be. We’ll be providing you with all the needed information as we proceed. Kindly stay with us.

Now, to answer the big question, how many Jello shots will you have to take for you to become drunk?

Some people believe that two or three shots will get you completely blacked out, but the truth is that it is dependent on some factors such as weight and tolerance to ethanol.

So, the number of Jello shots required to get you drunk depends on you and your tolerance to alcohol, but three to four shots should suffice.

How can I effectively store Jello shots?

One thing is getting to make Jello shots; another thing is going ahead to effectively store them so they do not get bad. In this article, you’ll be exposed to all the appropriate ways you can effectively store your Jello shots in the fridge so they do not get spoilt. Keep up with this space as we progress.

Jello shots are known to be widely served cold, but if you’d like to serve them warm, follow these stated steps.

  1. Store your cooled Jello shots inside the fridge in an airtight container that has lids that are tightly fitted enough.
  2. If you’re going to store your jello shorts in the fridge, ensure you distance them from other foods so they won’t get easily spoiled.
  3. If you’d like to store them for longer periods, put gelatin into the ice cube trays and cover them tightly before putting them inside the freezer for at least an hour or more.
  4. Look out for fuzzy patches: ensure there’s no patch on your Jell-O shot glasses because they likely have been stored in areas where the temperatures are too warm and are capable of causing the growth of bacteria.

What is the best alcohol to use for Jello shots?

Jello shots are quite fun and very easy to make. They bring life to the party and get the crowd turned up with little or no effort. You can make some really great Jello shots out of nothing. All you need is at least three ingredients, which are your gelatin, water, and alcohol. In this article, we’ll be providing information on what the best liquors suitable for making Jello shots are.

The two best options for Jello shots are vodka and white rum. The two of them are wonderful options for your alcohol. However, other gins like vodka and white rum are still good options as Jello shot liquors.

You might even want to take it even further and make Jello shots.

If there’s too much alcohol in Jello shots, what happens?

When making Jello shots, knowing the appropriate amount of vodka to be used is very important because this can either make or destroy your shots. In this article, we’ll be providing information about what happens if you put too much vodka in your Jello shots and what amount of alcohol would be appropriate.

When you put more than the necessary amount of vodka in your Jello shots, it automatically prevents your Jello shots from settling as they should. This indicates that your Jello shots will come out more like a liquid and not a solid. This also throws the taste off balance too.

General intake of alcohol is not good for your health. With as little as a 4.5% alcohol rate, there’s still enough alcohol to make your Jello shots a bit intoxicated but not completely drunk, and it gives them a very nice taste. However, a large amount of vodka in your Jello shots is mostly toxic and should be avoided.

Generally, one shot of distilled alcohol is equal to four shots of jello. So literally, if you take four shots of vodka, the equivalent in Jello shots is about ten to twelve Jello shots for you to get drunk.

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