The Highest-Paying Jobs Without A Degree

It is no doubt that getting a first degree actually takes time, which makes it a lot harder for students who are struggling financially to wait until they get their first degree before getting a job. However, the good news is that one can still do some good-paying jobs that require no degree even while they are in school. In this article, we’ll be presenting the highest-paying jobs that require no degree to gain employment.

Before we jump right in, let’s carefully ponder what exactly we mean when we say high-paying job. In this article, we are literally defining high-paying jobs as those in which the pay is above the average median household income in the United States, which was said to be $70,784 in the year 2021. However, depending on your area of residence, these salaries may be higher.

Software Developer

Average pay: $76,113

Pay range: $994-$120,000

Software developers are the ones behind the software that most of us find ourselves on. People with this skill are considered problem solvers because they create user-specific software that is in line with the needs of the user. However, sometime before now, software developers needed to have a degree in computer science before some companies could employ them, but that is not the case today, so many companies are willing to hire software developers without a degree.

Network Engineer

Average pay: $78,837

Pay range: $54,000–$130,000

Network engineers bear the responsibility of planning, designing, building, and handling a company’s computer networks. IT duties are also part of the tasks they handle in addition to supervising network security and performance, repairing and treating computer hardware and software, and installing necessary equipment like VPN routers and proxy services. They are also tasked with keeping the network up-to-date by optimizing it. However, this job might not require a degree, but concrete understanding and ability are needed to thrive.

E-commerce manager

Average pay: $68,013

Pay range: $43,000–103,000

Today, there is no doubt that so many people, if not the majority, do their shopping online, and in turn, this has created e-commerce management opportunities in so many companies. Companies are now seeking the services of e-commerce managers to handle their online sales strategy. The e-commerce manager’s duties include starting and running digital advertising campaigns and optimizing their website for maximum productivity. However, hands-on experience is required by most companies to earn this job, as it is a very demanding one.

Real Estate Agent

Average pay: $51,030

Pay range: $24,000–107,000

Realtors, or people in the real estate business, also known as real estate agents, are known for enabling the sale or purchase of properties. Real estate management comes with so much flexibility; there are options for agents to either concentrate on residential or commercial properties, and they can either choose to represent buyers or sellers. This job doesn’t require a degree. However, real estate agents are required to have a license to represent either a buyer or a seller.

Software Sales Representative

Average pay: $57,21

Pay range: $35,000–109,000

Software sales reps actually work for technology companies and have the task of selling the software properties of the company to a particular audience. This role actually doesn’t require a degree to gain employment. However, companies will expect that you have good knowledge of technology.

Digital Marketing and SEO Manager

Average pay: $71,765

Pay range: $49,000–103,000

Digital marketing and SEO optimization are growing skills that most employers are looking for in our world today. Digital marketers are tasked with increasing a company’s online presence and visibility. Digital marketers are knowledgeable in different marketing strategies, which include lead generation, SEO, digital advertising, etc. Even if you don’t need a college degree to secure this role, companies still look out for marketers with a proven track record of handling successful digital marketing campaigns.

Senior Executive Assistant

Average pay: $73,640

Pay range: $54,000–$100,000.

Someone who serves as a senior executive assistant is someone who helps and works hand in hand with an executive. Senior executive assistants are tasked with supporting their executives in various ways, like keeping calendars, booking travel, scheduling and planning events, and handling projects.

To succeed as a senior special assistant, you have to be very coordinated and be able and willing to handle more than one responsibility at once. However, it takes time to actually get to the senior level, so if you’re considering just starting, do well to accept a considerably lower pay for the time.

Just in case the above-listed jobs do not catch your fancy, we made a list of fifteen other jobs with medium annual pay according to U.S. Bureau of Labor statistics. And they also only require a diploma from high school or certification that does not include a degree.

Make-up Artists

Average annual pay: $134,750

You can make a good living as a makeup artist, especially if you’re a student. You can either decide to work independently or for a company part-time. The pros of this job as a student are that there are loads of students willing to get made up, and you can be the one they run to depending on how good you are at the craft.


Average pay: $60,040.

So many people repair and install electrical appliances at least once a month. This is a great opportunity for people with this skill, as issues such as electricity problems will never go out of stock.

Flight Attendant

Average pay: $61,640

It is no doubt that travel happens almost every day, hence the need for more flight attendants. However, this job has some downsides too, just like every other job. The challenges you’ll likely face are bumpy air and unruly passengers.

Nuclear Power Reactor Operator

Average pay: $104,260

A nuclear power reactor operator is a job that has at least 5,000 Americans doing it. If the salaries are fairly high and you’re good enough, the chances of you earning a high salary are also there.

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