The Best Mechanical Engineering Schools in Canada

The study of mechanical engineering has to do with the study of the forces and thermal environment met by a product. More than anything, a deep understanding of objects and systems in motion is needed, which makes mechanical engineering a diverse course in engineering.

This article is geared towards helping you find the most qualified universities where you can learn mechanical engineering. It doesn’t matter where you might come from; some of the courses in this article offer online learning, so distance is not really a problem. Stay with us as we provide you with all the needed information.

Students who study mechanical engineering in Canada are mandated to pass through at least four years of undergraduate training or education. Students are made to learn about different material properties, fluid and solid mechanics, etc.

After the student has successfully completed their undergraduate degree, they are likely to work as an engineer in training for several years before going ahead to be awarded the title of a professional engineer.

University of Toronto

The University of Toronto is among the world’s top 100 universities. The citadel of learning can be found in Toronto, just as its name implies. Students who have an interest in studying engineering at the University of Toronto must first apply to enter a bachelor of applied science program.

After admission, they will be given the task of studying objects that range from cars to various medical devices to find out the actual ways in which they are made with the use of basic engineering principles.

Engineering programs at the university can literally be arranged to suit the needs of the student, as there are at least three ways students can decide to enter the program: core programs for people who are already aware of the course they intend to study; TrackOne for students who are yet to decide; and engineering science for students who have plans to condense their discipline-specific tutoring into two years.

It really doesn’t matter the way a student chooses to go into an engineering program; they have the choice of specializing in any topic between mechatronics, manufacturing, solid mechanics and design, energy, and environment, and bioengineering in their first year.

McGill University

McGill University is another well-known public university in Canada that is highly ranked amongst world-renowned universities. Situated in the heart of Montreal, the school’s mechanical engineering department allows the students to enroll in a rigorous program as well as the chance to get mentorship from some of the best and brightest researchers around the world.

The mechanical engineering discipline at McGill is followed by three separate streams: stream A, specifically arranged for students entering after CEGEP(pre-university and technical college), stream B, arranged for students who are yet to attend CEGEP, and Stream C, which is arranged for honors students.

It doesn’t matter what actual stream a student decides to study; they will still be allowed to participate in extracurricular activities like robotics, Formula SAE, and the rocket team.

University of British Columbia

The University of British Columbia is a public university located in Vancouver. To study engineering at the University of British Columbia, every aspiring student must complete a year of engineering studies either at the university or at a different college that has a transfer program.

Once a student is admitted, he or she is given the chance to participate in a special program called MECH 2. This actual program allows students the chance to take at least four consecutive courses the whole year instead of six or seven courses each term.

Instead of studying each course independently, the basic rules of mechanical engineering are put into practical context, and the lectures are held in small time frames accompanied by different field trips and hands-on projects.

University of Alberta

The University of Alberta is a research-based public university located in the western province of Alberta, with its main campus situated in Edmonton.

Just as at most other top universities, the faculty of engineering is home to several different courses, including mechanical engineering.

Undergraduate students also have various opportunities for not only learning but also becoming prosperous in the school. Some extracurricular activities undergone in the school include the Undergraduate Research Initiative, which pays students to participate in research, and the Formula SAE team, which designs race cars and engineers without borders.

Students have the freedom to choose between different tracks of the problem, which are accompanied by the normal four-year stream and the cooperative education stream, which includes extra time for the degree and allows students to participate in over 20 months of paid work experience.

McMaster University

McMaster University is located in the heart of eastern Canada in the city of Hamilton, Ontario, and it is a public university. The faculty of engineering at the school has been ranked as one of the best in the world.

Just like every other engineering program, the criteria for admission to the school are really quite competitive. One of its requirements is for most applicants to have an average in the high 80s before they can be considered for admission.

After admission, students can choose between enrolling in a course that lasts for four years or a co-op program that gives students time off between semesters to search for paid work that can last for up to 16 months.

University of Waterloo

The University of Waterloo is found in Ontario, in Waterloo. The Citadel of Learning’s mechanical engineering program is created to give students the basics of mechanical design, accompanied by manufacturing mechanics, power, and control.

University of Western Ontario

The University of Western Ontario is part of the universities located in Ontario, in the city of London, Ontario precisely. The Department of Engineering in the school has 30 faculty members that work in different areas of research.

Students who are admitted to the school enter the mechanical engineering program after a year of getting acquainted with general engineering studies.

University of Calgary

The University of Calgary is based in Calgary, a western Canadian city found in the province of Alberta, just as its name implies. The Citadel of Learning’s mechanical engineering program is part of the bigger faculty of engineering that is named the Schulich School of Engineering.

It’s mandatory that students who apply to study engineering at the school first apply to the Schulich School of Engineering.

Queen’s University at Kingston

Queen’s University is widely known as a research public university that is located in Kingston, Ontario, the eastern city of Canada. The school’s mechanical engineering program gives students the basic knowledge to enable them to work in mechanical engineering.

To add to that, the school has a complete machine shop with CAD workstations and CNC machines so that the students can have hands-on experience in manufacturing.

Dalhousie University

Dalhousie University is found in the maritime province of Nova Scotia, the city of Halifax. The school’s mechanical engineering program allows students to experience mechanical engineering through labs and co-op experiences.

Just like other engineering schools, it is compulsory for all first-time students to take first-year engineering courses before going ahead to apply for a specific course in engineering.

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