The Best Distance Learning Universities In Europe

The time when people couldn’t afford to move to a certain location or destination in order to be enrolled in a university to study a program or discipline has passed. Today, no matter where you are around the world, with basic internet access and a gadget like a personal computer or even your mobile phone, you can start up a university program no matter where you might be.

If you intend to gain a degree from a university far from you, maybe abroad, but because of certain circumstances you cannot leave your home, you can always try distance learning as a better alternative.

Gaining a degree from any of the good and reputable universities in Europe can give your career a big boost. In this article, we’ve put together a list of European universities that are great at e-learning, especially in the English language. The facts provided in this article have their backing and source in the QS rankings, created by TopUniversities.

We’ve compiled ten universities from the most highly ranked universities in Europe; stay with us as we proceed and take you through this list.

Wageningen University of Research, Netherlands

According to TopUniversities, the Wageningen University of Research is ranked as one of the top ten best Dutch universities in the country. Times Higher Education and Shanghai Jiao Tong University Tuition fees go from €500 to €2,500 each academic year.

Freie Universität Berlin, Germany

The majority of the courses offered at Freie Universitat Berlin are actually free for all students, no matter where they might come from. Regardless of the fact that the majority of their courses are free for all students, some online courses aren’t, and the tuition fees can reach up to €9,500 a year.

Stockholm University, Sweden

Stockholm University currently has over 30,000 students enrolled. The citadel of learning does put so much work and time into research in specific areas like science and human science disciplines. Tuition fees at Stockholm University go from 0 to €13,000 each year.

Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland

Trinity College Dublin is ranked as the best school in Ireland according to Top Universities, followed by Higher Education. The online programs given by the school are actually for the master’s level, and the tuition goes between €3,000 and €11,200.

The University of Oxford, the UK

It is no doubt that Oxford University is widely considered one of the best universities in the world, with Cambridge University in line. The educational standards at the school are top-notch, and they have some of the best professors in the world.

However, admissions to the university are not easy to come by. The majority of the online courses given by Oxford University are at the master’s level. Tuition fees go from €1,800 to €29,000 each year.

European University, Cyprus

The European University of Cyprus has created an era of modernization that has influenced the quality of education in the area on a large scale. Their online degrees are spot-on, as they offer excellent teaching, etc. The tuition fee at the Citadel of Learning goes from €8,500 to €13,500 each year.

EU Business School, Spain

The Eu Business School is located in Spain and is a private university. The school is highly focused on business and management degrees.

The cost of tuition at the school is on the high side since it doesn’t get any support whatsoever from government funding. The tuition for the online courses offered by the EU Business School goes from €12,900 to €29,850 each year.

Swiss School of Business and Management, Switzerland

The Swiss School of Business and Management offers business programs that were initiated to meet the needs of various companies and industries. The citadel of learning enters into partnerships with different scholars and organizations in order to create programs that give students the needed information and skills to thrive in the labor market.

The majority of the online courses offered by the school are at the master’s level. Tuition fees go from €600 to €20,000 each academic year.

International Telematic University, UNINETTUNO, Italy

The International Telematic University (UNINETTUNO) gives online degrees that are well-recognized. They also give career guidance to students who aim to make the most of their time in school and beyond. The online courses offered by the school include both bachelor’s and master’s levels. Tuition fees go from €2,500 to €4,000 each academic year.

Université catholique de Louvain (UCL)

The Université Catholique de Louvain has high standards, and they go as far as hiring teachers and researchers that actually fit these standards. The university takes an interdisciplinary approach when it comes to teaching and joint activities, and they have partnerships with different fields around the world.

Uppsala University, Sweden

Uppsala University is ranked among the top universities in Sweden and throughout Scandinavia. The Citadel of Learning gives online courses in the form of web lectures in audio and video format, including various documents and work materials that can easily be downloaded online via their official website. The only issue with online learning at Uppsala University is that their exams are physical, and if you’re not physically present, you have to forfeit them.

Vienna Webster University, Austria

Vienna Webster University is known for its remarkable programs in diplomacy and international relations. The school offers very good online learning. You can either decide to take all of your courses online or combine both online and offline learning. The good thing about their online programs is that there is no specific time for classes, so students can always submit a copy of their completed work any day of the week.

International Academy of Management

The institution offers training options that are flexible, and this is because they ensure access to their online platforms stays open throughout each academic calendar year.

Applied Science University, Arkada, Finland

The Applied Science University of Arkada offers hands-on programs that can either be in person or on online platforms like Skype. Their master’s courses can last up to three or four semesters, depending on the duration of the actual program.

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