The Best Countries in Europe to Work as a Nurse

Healthcare jobs are the new gold mine now, especially for foreign nationals who seek greener pastures in Europe, etc. Nursing, as you know, isn’t just a job; it is considered a helping profession that is driven by a passion for helping other people.

Because of the nature of the job, employees are willing to pay handsomely for this position. Especially in countries in Europe, the pay for a nursing job is on the high side.

This is why so many people who look to go into the nursing profession are advised to pursue it in Europe, where they are appreciated and rewarded well with appropriate pay.

Nurses everywhere in the world are discovering the advantages that come with the profession and the great pay that follows it. It doesn’t matter if you just started being a nurse or you’ve grown more experienced over time since your time at the job; reputable places of work are willing to employ you regardless.

You might wonder why people choose Europe as their preferred destination to practice nursing. Here are three reasons why:

There’s always an opportunity in Europe

If maybe what interests you is getting wonderful nursing opportunities, then your best bet is Europe. Europe is regarded as one of the richest continents in the world. It holds vast opportunities in terms of jobs and good pay, from which one can make a fortune and successfully fund a good lifestyle.

Another reason why Europe is the place for you is that most of the nursing work environments in Europe are of a high standard, so you’re likely to not face any difficulty. This isn’t just because of the industrial development; it is also because of the wages they provide.

More options to select from in Europe

As a nurse in Europe, you can either decide to work in any of the teaching facilities, small clinics, or general hospitals, either in rural or urban areas. With the continent having a quarter of its land as a forest in the western part of the Mediterranean, your profession might likely be needed anywhere, and this is why a nurse can be tasked with traveling to different parts of Europe to render services.

A Path Towards Financial Freedom

It is imperative to know that nurses earn quite a fortune, which can lead to a very good and comfortable life. The skill of nursing is actually a transferable one, so you’re predisposed to work anywhere.

Currently, there’s a high need for qualified nurses around the world, and Europe is one of the parts of the world that needs nurses, which you can leverage.

Having seen why Europe is the place for you to chase your nursing career, we’ll be looking at some of the countries in Europe that are more favorable to working as a nurse. Stay with us as we provide you with the necessary information.


If you’re looking for a place where you can work that places value on you as an individual and a professional, then Holland is the place for you. The Dutch are considered to have a big economy when compared to other countries in the world and pay reasonably well when it comes to their healthcare jobs, of which nursing is included.

You will be paid more for working weekends, public holidays, irregular hours, and overtime. Working as a nurse in the Netherlands means working between 32 and 36 hours each week.

Going by the United Nations’ Happiness by Human Report, the Netherlands ranks 5th as one of the happiest countries in the world. If you’re looking forward to having a wonderful working experience, now you know where to go.


Denmark is among the best countries to work as a nurse in Europe. Going by the recent OECDX index, the country is listed as number one when it comes to a balanced work-life balance. The country is also considered to have one of the shortest working weeks in the world.

The public health services in Denmark are mostly financed through taxes, so a lot of their public health services are free. The pay for the nursing profession in the country is also quite high and is generally rated well.


Norway is a very beautiful country filled with breathtaking landscapes. The biggest sector when it comes to employment in the country is the public sector. However, the majority of jobs in the country are occupied by fluent Norwegians.

Another reason to work in Norway is that it is quite hard to fire people there. Before an employee can be sacked, an employer needs to prove beyond all reasonable doubt why the employee should be sacked. So, job security is assured as long as you don’t commit a crime or something very serious.


The current feeling about Germany is that it is accommodating to both nationals and internationals when it comes to gaining employment. There’s always a job to do, especially that of the nurses, who are very needed.

However, if you’re new to the country, you might struggle to speak the language, but not to worry; it’s nothing too big that you can’t handle.

Germany is rated among the top ten countries in the world when it comes to work-life balance. Depending on the kind of shift you’d like, you can always arrange your work shift based on what you desire.

United Kingdom

The UK is considered one of the highest employers of labor in the world. Fair enough; due to the growing population of the UK, healthcare workers are in serious demand. Employers in the UK are also willing to give their employees extra training to get them more acquainted with the modern trends of the profession.

If you look for a rewarding career in nursing with enough benefits, then I think the UK is one of the best places to go, especially if English is your first or second language.


Ireland is a host to so many big pharmaceutical companies, putting them in an advantageous position in the employment of healthcare workers, especially nurses.

The country is also ranked among the top ten safest countries to live in the world, just in case security is high on your list of things to consider before moving to another country.

To add to it, being bored is one of the last things you’d ever do in Ireland, as the country ranks as the 18th most beautiful country in the world.


Work-life in Belgium is actually quite balanced; the workers in this country enjoy the business of working and do not just work because they have to. The climate in the country is very fair compared to other parts of the continent, and the pay for nursing professions is relatively fair.

You can also decide to live in a distant small town even though you work in the city because their transport system is top-notch and you will always be able to meet up with your colleagues in the city.

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