The Best Business Schools for International Students

Studying abroad or internationally might be a bit of a tussle as it stands, but it definitely isn’t something impossible to do. However, the places you decide to study are where issues might come from.

With the current suspensions of H-1B visas and a political situation that is not stable, many students wanting to study MBA in the United States have faced a barricade, and because of this, more students are beginning to apply to study in Europe.

MBA programs in European countries are $95,000 cheaper compared to the ones in the US; hence, students are eager to go to school in Europe compared to the US.

Now you might wonder what top universities in Europe are likely to grant you admission and which of them are more affordable. Your questions will get answers, as we’ve listed at least fifteen business universities that were ranked by the Financial Times (FT) Global MBA ranking based on the percentage of international students in the program.

University of St. Gallen

(93% international)

Found in Switzerland and holds the record of being one of the European universities with the highest admission rate of international students. At least 34% of the entire student community is made up of international students coming from over 80 different nationalities.

So, if you’re still in doubt about whether you’d ever get admitted as an international student, there’s a possibility here.

IE Business School

(93% international)

The IE Business School is located in Madrid; there is no doubt that the school is located in one of the best cities, and the international students in it also know this. The school is diverse, with so many students from over 70 different countries around the world.

EDHEC Business School

(94% international)

The EDHEC business school is located in Nice, France. The school is another strong international student institution in Europe. It also scores highly on the FT’s international course section.

EDHEC offers four different international specializations with the opportunity to spend a week either in London, Silicon Valley, Singapore, or New York.

Cambridge Judge Business School

(94% international)

The Cambridge Judge Business School is popular for its vibrant nature and has a community of intelligent international students of over 94% when compared to other European business schools, according to FT.

London Business School

(94% international)

London is a city known for its multicultural nature, and the London Business School has a large population of international students. As few as 8% of the students on the two-year MBA program are from the UK when compared to other nationalities in the school. The London Business School also possesses a faculty of over 84% international teachers.

Durham University Business School (95% international)

Durham might not be among the largest cities in the UK, but it definitely attracts so many international students, with over 150 nationalities well represented on campus.

Students who attend the MBA program are taught by a faculty of over 70% national teachers, while the school is known to be ranked in the top 50 according to FT because of its global nature.

Esade Business School

(95% international)

Esade Business School is regarded as a global study tour due to its high intake of international students. The school is also ranked fifth in terms of international courses by FT.

Another important reason why so many international students consider the Esade Business School is because of its exchange program and another option: getting a dual MBA degree with a university in China called Pekin University.

HEC Paris

(95% international)

The HSE Paris has over 70% international professors in its faculty and also ranks among the top 15 in the world based on how global the programs in the school are. More than half of the students are said to get employment outside of their country.

University of Edinburgh Business School

(96% international)

Edinburgh is considered one of the UK’s most visited cities. The diverse nature of the town is also seen in its school, as it has 96% international students on its MBA course.

Another reason why the school is considered an international hub is that over 70% of the school’s faculty are international.


(96% international)

INSEAD has campuses that can be found in France and Singapore. The school  

is matched with Edinburgh in terms of international students’ capacity. According to FT, the school comes in second on rankings based on how international its courses are in nature.

The University of Oxford Sad Business School

(97% international)

The University of Oxford Sad Business School greatly benefits from the maiden and popularly known the University of Oxford and draws a lot of international students every year.

Up to 60 different nationalities are highly represented in the school among the 300+ participants, with only 11% of the students coming from Western Europe.

ESSEC Business School

(98% international)

With a whopping 98% of international students in its MBA program, the business school gives off a global atmosphere, notwithstanding its location in the small town of Cergy, a bit outside Paris.

MBA students at the school also have the option of splitting their program between Europe and Asia, as it has a campus in Singapore.

The University of Hong Kong

(98% international)

The only Asian school on the list is known for its strong international capacity. HKU is among the top schools with the highest number of international students, with over 301,000 expats in Hong Kong. The school also gives you opportunities to run your MBA program either in London, New York, or Shanghai.

IMD Business School

(98% international)

With a 98% rating on international student capacity, Switzerland ranks highly among business schools with a high international student intake. The country is also renowned for its quality of life, healthcare, and public transportation system.

However, the school’s classes are relatively small, with at least 10 participants. The school also does really well when it comes to international faculty, as over 98% of the faculty come from outside Switzerland.

Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University

(99% international)

Rotterdam tops the ranking for the European business school with the most international students. The city is the second-largest in the whole of the Netherlands and hosts so many multinational corporations.

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