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Healthy Potato Salad Instant Pot Recipe, Yummy!

Yummy! This is one of the best instant pot recipes you cannot afford to overlook. One of my favorites; a good delicious potato salad recipe perfect for a healthy living. You don’t want to miss this one today. Just few minutes with your Instant Pot and you are already enjoying your best potato salad instant […]

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Instant Pot Potato Soup

This Potato soup can make a lovely dinner recipe on that cold winter day and with no added stress especially after a hard day’s work since it takes only 10 minutes to cook Ready in: 25 mins (Prep: 15 mins, Cook: 10 mins)Serves: 8 Ingredients Potatoes, diced in cubes – 5lb Large shallot (minced) – […]

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Classic Potato Pancakes

There are a multitude of recipes at a Vegan disposal, the Classic Potato Pancakes is one recipe that  that make every Vegan mouth watery. Here’s how to make this delicious delicacy. Serves: 6-8 Ingredients for  Preparing Classic Potato Pancakes Baking Potatoes (Peeled) – 3lbs Yellow Onion (Finely Chopped) – 1 Unbleached Flour – 4 tablespoon […]

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Chunky Vegetable Soup

This vegetable soup has a delicate flavor, though it is a hearty soup, which is laden with vegetables. Using home-made stock is the best bet, but you can use a good-quality stock, which is chilled or from a powder or cube. If you are using a cube or powder, do not add salt at the […]

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