Interesting Facts You Need To Know Before You Travel To Canada

Canada is a very beautiful country in North America, and because of the country’s beautiful scenery, it often attracts lots of visitors, be it for touring purposes or residential purposes.

So, there’s no doubt that Canada has some of the most interesting scenery in the world, irrespective of your taste.

Be it a wildlife aficionado, an extreme adrenaline junkie, or even a person seeking cutting-edge culture, Canada is the ideal place. The second largest country in the world by landmass boasts an outstanding diversity of landscape with enormous Canadian plains rising suddenly to glacier-topped granite mountains, harsh undeveloped coasts giving way to immense forests and green lakes, and the arctic sea lapping iced tundra, 

Some Interesting Facts About Canada

Interesting is quite the word when describing Canada. This wilderness houses some modern cities, odd towns, and far-flung native settlements. Also, its populace is as diverse as its geography; from the Arctic natives to the francophone Quebecers to the British ex-pats and the growing Asian minority, this is a cosmopolitan country where about 22% of the population was born outside of the country. 

Canadian cities frequent the list of “best places to live” as they are often described as forward-thinking and energetic. Also, the capital city of this beautiful country, Ottawa, has a number of reputable museums, as well as the stunning Rideau Canal for ice skating in the winter.

Toronto is a real patchwork of charming neighborhoods with a picturesque beachfront setting on the Ontario coast. The skyscrapers in Montreal belie their French heritage, but with a closer look, you will be able to find medieval cobblestone streets and century-old customs.

During the yearly boot-stumping stampede, booming Calgary, which is within earshot of the Canadian rookies, showcases its cowboy heritage.

Vancouver, which is laid-back, seems to house everything: beaches, mountains, a fantastic downtown park, and a diverse dining scene. Additionally, Vancouver Island, which is across the Georgia Strait, has a vast range of events to attend, sights to see, and things to do. 

If you are looking for something more adventurous, try lassoing at an Alberta ranch, kayaking in quiet bays with whales in Nova Scotia, or skiing steep chutes in British Columbia.

Grizzlies can be photographed in the Yukon, or you may choose to fly over Niagara Falls in a helicopter or witness an enormous iceberg floating by the shore of Newfoundland. This list doesn’t stop there; there are endless adventures in Canada. 

Tips And Recommendations For Solo Travel To Canada

Everything is a good time to visit Canada, either with family, friends, a spouse, or with anyone at all; however, some people prefer to travel alone and without any tour guide. Solo travel could be quite exciting as you have the freedom to do everything without any restrictions, except, of course, the laws guiding your geographical location.

However, if you intend to make a solo trip to any location, make sure to take all necessary precautions and adhere to all safety measures so as to achieve an enjoyable and fulfilling trip. Below are some of the necessary safety measures and recommendations for safe solo travel to Canada:

  1. Take a survey of your desired destination: Canada is a relatively vast nation with diverse cultures, environments, and landscapes, so before you travel, ensure you do extensive research before traveling there. Do some research on the geographical location you are visiting so as to become familiar with the traditions, modern transportation, and security threats of your location. 
  1. Prepare for the weather: Canada, like every other nation, often experiences a vast range of weather, from balmy summers to icy winters, so be prepared. Comfortable shoes and water-resistant gear, if necessary, should be included in your travel itinerary.
  1. Acquire traveling insurance: make sure to purchase quality travel insurance as emergencies may occur during solo travel. 
  2. Always keep in touch. When taking solo trips, endeavor to inform your loved ones by telling them your location and checking in frequently. You can stay in touch by purchasing a local SIM card or using WiFi.
  3. Exercise common sense: when on solo trips, be it to Canada or any other location, it is wise to exercise common sense by being very cautious especially while using public transport, also make sure not to walk alone at night and be very much aware of your immediate environment  
  4. Associate with locals: One of the interesting things about traveling is meeting new people. When on solo travels, try to interact with locals, go on planned excursions or events, and utilize all social possibilities available to you. 
  5. Enjoy yourself: One of the major reasons for going on solo travel is to maximize your fun time without being restricted either by partners or friends. So utilize the opportunity, as it helps to discover new areas and more about oneself. Take pleasure in experiences, rise to challenges, and make lifelong memories. 
Visiting Canada’s National Park On A Budget

Some of the world’s most adorable national parks are situated in Canada, and many of them provide solo travelers with inexpensive camping choices. If you wish to witness Canada’s breathtaking natural splendor up close, think of visiting Banff, Jasper, or Gros Morne.

Here are some tips to help you maximize your visit to Canada’s national park while organizing a low-cost vacation:

  1. Arrange your trip in advance. Try to know more about your area of interest, as this gives you the opportunity to search around for the best airfare, lodging, and activities. 
  1. Take camping into account: There are several campgrounds in Canada’s national park where you can stay in an RV or a tent for reasonable prices without having to spend a lot in exquisite hotel rooms.
  1. Benefit from activities: numerous parks provide several free activities like informative programs, wildlife sightseeing, hiking, etc. Exploring the park should be done while taking advantage of these opportunities.
  1. Take into account visiting off-season, as this may help you save money on lodging and activities. 
  1. Ensure to use public transportation instead of hiring private vehicles, as this will enable you to spend less.

Following these few tips will aid in maximizing the experience of your solo trip without overspending. 

Touring Hotspot For Canada’s First-time Visitors. 

If, as a first-time visitor, you are looking for some amazing places to go in order to achieve a successful visit to Canada, below are some touring hotspots in Canada. 

  1. Banff National Park: This is a breathtaking site with picturesque lakes, soaring mountains, and a variety of wildlife. Banff National Park is situated in the center of Canada. 
  1. Niagara Falls: This is one of the most popular natural landmarks in the world and is situated on the U.S.-Canada border.
  1. Vancouver: This is a rather magnificent city on Canada’s west coast and is home to beaches, mountains, and woods, all of which provide a breathtaking natural landscape. 

Others include Montreal, Toronto, and Quebec City, among others.

Canada’s Hidden Gem: Undiscovered Locations In Canada

Canada is a sizable country with many uncharted, unexplored, and off-the-beaten-path locations. Some of which are: Haida Gwaii, Gros Morne National Park, Tofino, Nahanni National Park, Fogo Island, and Churchill, amongst others.

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