How Much Is Visa From Nigeria To The USA?

People who want to travel to the United States are required to pay a certain non-refundable and non-transferable visa application fee, which is also called the MRV fee before they can go ahead and apply for a non-migrant visa. It doesn’t matter whether said visa is issued or not; the said amount has to be paid if you apply. The prices to be paid for visas differ depending on the type of visa actually applied for.

In this article, you will be provided with the necessary information about the amount needed to be paid for a US visa and the necessary details that follow. If you’re applying for a US visa in Nigeria, depending on your visa class, the vast majority of visa applicants will have to pay either 73,760, 890,590, or 122,165 at GT Bank.

Keep in mind that only the applications for nonimmigrant visas are listed here.

The payment process at the bank

Every non-immigrant visa applicant is to pay their visa application fee in cash at any of the GT Bank branches. You will have to write down your fee payment amount and your telephone number. After you go ahead and receive your payment receipt.

Online payment process

If you already have an account with GTBank, you may decide to pay for your Visa application via their online platform.

To do this, just type your payment code into the online form. It’s easy to generate the payment code immediately after you create your online profile at the start of the online payment process. This code is what validates your payment and permits you to be able to plan for your Visa interview.

After you might have actually paid your application fee, do well to safely keep the payment receipt for your records.

Scheduling your interview after payment at the bank

You can schedule your interview for hours after you’ve paid your application fee at one of the GT bank branches.

Keep in mind that you will need the payment code printed on your receipt. Your passport number is also another important detail that you will be needing. 

Scheduling your interview after online payment

You can go ahead and schedule your interview after the first banking day you paid the application fee online via GTBank, after 3 p.m.

You also need your passport number in order to successfully schedule your visa interview.


It is important to note that your visa application fee is not refundable, and cannot be transferred. You’re going to receive a receipt after you go ahead and pay the application fee. The receipt remains valid one year after you made the payment and permits you to still schedule your interview while the receipt is valid.

This implies that you have to schedule your interview while it is still valid, which is one year after paying your fee. If you hold on for more than a year before going ahead to schedule your interview, your visa will expire, and you will have to make new payments for a new visa.

Different Visa types and their application fees

The application fee for the most common non-immigrant visa types is $73,760. These are tourist, business, student, and exchange visas. Other visas, like work and religious visas, are #87,590.

Blanket L Fee (fraud prevention and detection fee)

Principal applicants who are applying for the first time and are covered under a blanket petition for L status are to pay a fraud prevention and detention fee of NGN 230,500. This fee is meant to be paid in cash to the cashier at the consular section on the actual day of the interview.

US visa requirements for Nigerians

If you intend to apply for a United States visa, whether an immigrant or a non-immigrant visa, it is mandatory that you meet the requirements that are needed for your application to gain approval.

Below are the following documents that you need to provide:

  • A valid passport that is still legit for travel and with a validity date that should be up to six months or more, depending on how long you intend to stay in the country.
  • Proof of financial capability: this is proof that you can confidently sustain yourself.
  • An accepted form I-20( only for student visas)
  • A valid receipt showing you made payment for the visa application.
  • Interview appointment letter
  • One photograph of 2″x2″
  • Your school certifications and results( mainly for those applying for student visas)

Requirements for a US interview in Nigeria

It is mandatory that every applicant for a US student visa be interviewed before the visa can be approved. Below are the requirements for the interview:

Business or tourist visa requirements

These visas are particularly meant for people who intend to travel to the country on the basis of business or tourism.

Documents required are:

  • Legitimate evidence of income, ownership of a property, or a business payment of tax and different assets Travel itinerary and different information about your proposed trip.
  • A valid letter from your employer containing information about your salary. The terms contained in your employment and vacation, your position at the company, and the objectives of the purposed travel
  • Criminal/Court details. This is for verification of any arrests or criminal activities in the past.


Students are to go with up-to-date school results and certifications. To add to it, ensure you go with proof of financial support like fixed deposits, bank applications, and other different verifications.

For workers

Workers are to go with a valid letter from their boss that verifies that they are employed and have been on the payroll for at least three months.

If your purpose for visiting the country is to visit a relative,

Go with different copies of the status of your relative, like a green card, certificate of naturalization, or valid visa.

For people who have visited the US before

If you’ve been to the States before at any point in time, go with a valid document that serves as proof of your immigration or visa status.

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