Highest Paying Biology Jobs In Europe

Biology, globally is known as one of the fastest-growing disciplines. However, to attain a high-paying position in biology, especially in Europe, requires extra training and education than the average paying positions.

We shall be looking at different jobs as pertains to the biology discipline as we progress in this article but before we dive in, let’s look at some of the needed certifications and skills for high-paying biology jobs.

To be successful in any biology job, a bachelor’s degree or a higher degree is required. After possessing any of the degrees, the following skills are also highly looked out for:

  • You should have an understanding of the scientific language as it pertains to everyday communication.
  • Your writing and speaking skills should be at a good level.
  • Have above-average presentation skills.
  • Have concrete knowledge about particular science fields such as anatomy, biology, ecology, etc.
  • Be acquainted with medical terms.
  • Be problem-solving-oriented.

Keep in mind that pursuing a career in any biology-related discipline can present you with the chance of working with different specialists. Just as stated earlier, even if so many industries in biology-related disciplines pay well, the ones that pay the most tend to require higher credentials like extensive training and a high level of education.

Average pay: $64,925 each year.
Major duty: microbiologists’ main duty has to do with studying different micro life forms like bacteria and fungi. Collecting samples and conducting lab and fieldwork research are all part of the duties required of a microbiologist.

Health Communications Specialist
Average pay: $57,530 each year.
The major duty of this field of biology includes written work and discussions on matters concerning disease and human health for different audiences. They are to be up-to-date with issues concerning public health, especially diseases that are highly communicable.

Respiratory Therapist
Average pay: $68,536 each year One of the major duties of a therapist is examining and talking to patients who suffer from different respiratory disorders. They are also to perform tests that are diagnostic in nature for respiratory function and work with physicians to create a treatment pattern.

Environmental Scientist
Average pay: $69,356 each year Environmental scientists focus on how to protect the environment by conducting experiments and participating in ion studies. Research can also be used for cases that benefit humans and animals.

Registered Nurse
Average pay: $70,460 each year. Registered nurses work hand in hand with doctors to tailor treatment and care plans for patients and assist them through illness, surgery, and other different procedures. Handling and managing patient charts, administering medication, and tending to the needs of the patients are all part of the requirements as pertain to the duties of a nurse.

Physical Therapist
Average pay: $76,492 each year. Physical assistant therapists actually help patients recover from ailments that have limited their physical movement. Their job includes orchestrating physical exercises for patients, creating fitness plans, and closely observing patient improvement.

Genetic Counselor
Average pay: $80,370 each year Genetic counselors focus mainly on counseling their clients about their genetic construct and the risks of transmitting their disabilities to their future children. They also counsel families who are making plans to have babies or are about to have family planning.

Average pay: $84,073 each year The major duty of a biochemist is to assist in labs, especially in biotechnology companies and biomedical research firms. Other job functions include conducting various types of research and testing used in producing different products.

Medical And Health Services Manager
Average pay: $89,688 each year The duties of a medical and health service manager include interpreting different regulations in the medical and science industries and assisting in the creation and management of programs that surround the regulations.

It also includes discussing with and handling health care providers and medical staff members on matters pertaining to different policies and procedures. They may also participate in the supervision and evaluation of different health experts and researchers concerned with medical institutions.

Average pay: $93,558 each year. The major duties of a pharmacist involve giving out appropriate drugs for the treatment of ailments in patients or maintaining well-being. Pharmacists also bear the responsibility of counseling patients about the medication prescribed to them.

Average pay: $95,718 each year A veterinarian’s duty is to provide medical care and treatment to ailing animals. Their duty involves giving medication and vaccinations, diagnosing different medical states, and managing animal health and wellness, including surgical procedures.

Physician Assistant
Average pay: $105,627 each year The primary objective of a physician assistant includes working hand-in-hand with doctors and different medical staff to diagnose various medical states, serve as help during surgical procedures, participate in creating patient treatment plans, and elucidate patient tests.

Average pay: $192,522 each year One of the major duties of an oncologist is to arrange a treatment plan for cancer patients, such as radiation and chemotherapy. They also assist in the management of the patient by prescribing drugs for pain and arranging tests in partnership with other medical personnel or experts to ensure effective treatment.

Average pay: $196,417 each year Dentists concern themselves with the dental health of patients. They help patients maintain good oral health by fixing any dental problems that can cause them pain. Dentists are also eligible to prescribe drugs and conduct other oral screening tests for patients.

Average pay: $202,387 each year Physicians mainly diagnose, treat, and control the illnesses and injuries of their patients. They bear the responsibility for determining the actual reasons behind a patient’s ailment as well as prescribing treatment to cure the said ailment. Physicians are also responsible for passing on information to help patients maintain and stay in good health.

In all of our findings, we came to find so many jobs related to biology, and even though the pay might not be all that great as pertains to the average salary, it is very considerate, especially for people with just a bachelor’s degree. Do keep in mind that pay may differ a bit depending on the particular country in Europe that you’re in. Also, the likelihood of earning, even more, is there for biology majors, as so many companies require this.


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