Fully funded scholarships in UK for international students

The United Kingdom is a place where some of the best-ranked higher institutions happen to be located. Who wouldn’t want a berth in the Oxfords and Cambridges of this world? However, you and I know that the lack of finances can be a roadblock between you and that dream institution of yours.
This is why this article will expose to you the various scholarship options available in the UK to international students, especially those from Nigeria.

The University of Edinburgh Online Global Scholarships.

The University of Edinburgh is a global university that is focused on integrating students from different places and cultures and making them feel valued and welcome. This University is ranked 4th in the UK for research, so you are certain of gaining access to the best research tools.

The University of Edinburgh has diverse scholarships that include Master’s programs that can be done online in each academic session. This means that even from any part of the world, you can get your dream degree.
Their scholarship programs are usually fully funded and cover tuition fees.

Scholarship Requirements

Students who want to carry out any online part-time learning are eligible for this program.

Applicants must be nationals and residents of up to 15 African countries including Nigeria. Students from select Middle Eastern nations. Basically, the criteria for selecting the eligible countries is based on an index of “Least Developed Countries” and “Lower Middle-Income Countries”. This classification is based on the standard given by the Organisation for Economic Corporation and Development Assistance Committee.

Applicants should already have a place at the University of Edinburgh. They must also have accepted the offer or have the intention to do so.

The personal statement in your application must include:

  • What attracted you to the University?
  • How receiving this scholarship will benefit your future and career.
  • How this scholarship will help your community or country.

Scholarship Duration and Reward

The scholarship will cover the duration of the program including your tuition fees.


The basis for awarding the scholarship is academic merit and how strong your personal statement is. If you have not done a master’s before, you stand a higher chance.

Queen Mary University DeepMind Scholarship For International Students

The DeepMind Scholarship at The Queen Mary University of London has a DeepMind Scholarship program that aims to provide a way to ensure that minority and underrepresented groups can pursue a postgraduate degree in Computer Science, Machine learning, and Artificial Intelligence.
The Queen Mary University also provides an inclusive community where you won’t feel left out no matter your affiliation.
The award is focused on students of the feminine gender or those of black extraction.

Scholarship Requirements:

  • To qualify for this scholarship, you need to fulfill the following:
  • Be a student from the United Kingdom or a foreign national.
  • Be a female or be an individual of black extraction
  • You have only been given an offer into one of the Master’s programs in either, Machine learning, Artificial intelligence, or Computer science at Queen Mary University.

Scholarship Duration and Reward

The DeepMind scholarship takes care of the entirety of your tuition fees, in addition to giving you stipends that can take care of your living allowance. You also stand to benefit from an annual travel grant.

Required documents
The following documents are what you need to submit as part of the application process.

  • An offer letter from Queen Mary University accepting you into one of their programs.
  • An application form that includes a personal statement explaining why you should be given the scholarship and what also made you pick this university.
  • A CV

The University of Birmingham DeepMind Scholarship for International Students

The purpose of the University of Birmingham DeepMind Scholarship is to assist exceptional students on their path to fulfilling their careers and ambitions in whatever field of endeavor, especially in the juiciest sectors of research and industry.

Deepmind in collaboration with the University of Birmingham does its best to increase the diversity and inclusion of minority groups in computer science. They also offer a master’s degree in machine learning and artificial intelligence which ensures that students who desire a career in AI get to tow the path of their dreams.

AI technology is growing into an ever-present fixture in our lives and pushing for diversity is a perfect way to ensure that nobody is excluded from being an expert.

Scholarship Requirements:

  • Students wishing to get into this university scholarship program should meet the following criteria:
  • Must be female or be of the black extraction
  • Applicants must be able to present evidence that they won’t be able to undergo this program without financial aid
  • Have gotten an offer to do a master’s in machine learning and artificial intelligence at the University of Birmingham. Be ordinarily resident in the UK and would be classified as UK for fee-paying purposes, or be classed as an international student for fee-paying purposes.
  • Have a normal resident in the UK and be classified as UK for fee payment purposes. Or be categorized as a foreign student for the same fee payment purposes.

University of Manchester GREAT Scholarships for International Students

Located in Manchester the University of Manchester is a research university that was founded in 2004 when the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology was merged with the Victoria University of Manchester.

The GREAT Scholarships through the University of Manchester is giving 8 scholarships to students in Nigeria, Kenya, Mexico, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Turkey, and Thailand who wants to get admitted to a one-year master’s degree program.

The scholarship program was launched by this British council in association with 49 of the UK universities and this focus is providing post graduates students an opportunity to world-class UK education.

Scholarship Requirements:
To qualified for the scholarship you must:

Only passport holders from the Nigeria Kenya, Bangladesh, Mexico, Pakistan Turkey, and Thailand can be awarded a scholarship.

If a program lasts longer than a year then the scholarship will only be given for the first year of study
The scholarship will only be awarded at postgraduate level only.

Only full-time courses that are offered on campus will scholarships be awarded for.
Only students who are categorized as foreign tuition fee payers will be awarded the scholarship.
One of the requirements for being awarded the scholarship is mandatory participation in the students’ mentorship schemes.

Scholarship Duration and Reward
A scholarship award is worth up to 10,000 pounds for students running the one-year programme in the university.

Julius Nyerere Masters Scholarship Programs For International Students

Julius Nyerere Masters Scholarship is a scheme set up in the remembrance of Julius Nyerere who led Tanzania to independence in 1969. He kater went in to be their first president and prime minister. It was set up in 2009 in his memory.
1949, Julius Nyerere was awarded a scholarship to the University of Edinburgh. It was here he got a Masters of Arts degree and he studied courses such as Political Science, English, History Moral Philosophy and Anthropology.
University of Edinburgh has been a hotbed of Olympic champions, Nobel laureates, space explorers, and even prime ministers. This has been part of its history ever since it was founded in 1583.

Scholarship Requirements:
Applicants who are applying for thia scholarship must meet the following requirements:

The basis of giving the scholarship is one on an outstanding academic achievement. The applicant must have the equivalent of a United Kingdom first class Honours or a 2nd class upper honours in a Social Science or any other Humanities course.

The applicants must hand in a personal statement explaining the motivation for applying for the scholarship. Also you would be required to state any experiences you have had in developing Africa or on an international level.
Candidates must submit a Personal.

Two referees but also submit reference l to support the application of the candidates.

Also it is worth noting that this scholarship can’t be held in conjunction with aby other scholarship.

Scholarship Duration and Reward
The scholarship covers tuition fesst with an additional annual stipend of £13500.

After full matriculation, the stipend will be paid in three months instalment. The awards are supposed to be made for one year only. You cannot hold the award in conjunction with any other scholarship.

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