Fully funded scholarships in Canada for international students

Everyone has a dream institution and region that they wish to study in. Canada happens to be such a place for those dreams to be achieved, and this includes students from Africa, especially Nigerians. In this article, I will be showing you various scholarship opportunities that are available in Canada.

University of Montreal Scholarship Program for International Students

The University of Montreal is a French-language research institute that is located in the province of Quebec.

This scholarship program offered by the University of Montreal is aimed at helping the best talent from diverse countries attend one of the best French-speaking research universities on the globe. It is a give-and-take, as these international students also help to fulfill their mission of promoting cultural diversity in the university community.

The Universitie de Montréal (Udem) scholarship scheme has the primary focus of supporting foreign students in their studies. In the fall of 2020, the university began an exemption scheme that foreign students can benefit from to be excluded from the normal fees charged to international students. The scholarships granted in this program run through the winter of 2024. 

Scholarship Requirements:

This scholarship has the following requirements:

  • You must be a student from foreign descent. 
  • You must be a holder of a study permit. Also you can be neither a citizen nor permanent resident of Canada.
  • Intending scholars must be willing to undergo a full-time program for the duration of their studies in the Montreal University..

Required Documents

If you’re interested in applying, then you must have the following documents:

  • National passport or identity card.
  • Formal academic transcripts
  • CV that is up to date 
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Statement why you need the scholarship. 
  • Proficiency in the English language. 

Method of Application

  • To apply for the scholarship, go to the university’s website and look for “Compass”. This is an interactive guide that shows you all the steps for a successful application process. 
  • In addition ensure that your application is done before the deadline and that you take note of all the requirements for any course of your choice.
  • After you have submitted your application for the scholarship you should be expecting your access code to the “student center”. In this “center”, you can track your application and get to see if your application has been accepted.
  • When you get an offer of admission you can decide to accept or decline it. The school will not decide if you are eligible 4 a scholarship and then decide the cost.
  • You’ll be promptly informed in due time how much the exemption scholarship will  cost. This you will get by an email. It is important that you print this notification in a document format because it’s useful for future reference.

Brock University International Scholarships For Undergraduate Students

The Brock University scholarship is an annual scholarship that is awarded to first-year undergraduate students from foreign countries. This includes all African countries, Nigeria among them.

The value of the scholarship is determined by the student’s recruitment factor. For a student to be eligible, they must display a high level of academic prowess. The scholarship is non-renewable, and it’s only available until the funds are exhausted.

Scholarship Requirements:

The requirements for the scholarship are as follows:

  • Must be categorized as a student of foreign origin for the purpose of fee payment.
  • Must present high school documents that are a prerequisite for admission into a Canadian higher education institution.
  • Must be sound academically and also express exceptional leadership abilities.
  • Must be proficient in English language

Scholarship Duration and Reward

The Brock Scholars Award is the prize. And anyone on the globe can get it, as long as you meet their requirements. The scholarship can be renewed for up to three years.

University of Guelph Arrell Scholarships For International Students  

The University of Guelph Arrell Scholarships are a scholarship that is available to bright scholars who are exceptional in their academics and are also passionate about ensuring that future generations do not experience food crises and have access to a nutritious and balanced diet. In addition to this, you must also be committed to seeing that those generations have sustainable agriculture. 

As part of the research for the duration of the scholarship program, the beneficiaries will be expected to provide leadership amongst various student teams, even as a partner with the government, community, and some of the university professionals, to ensure that global food issues are addressed.

Scholarship Requirements:

The requirements of the scholarship are as follows:

Students who are enrolling in a graduate program and win the autumn semester while having a minimum first-class GPA They must also have done research that is in line with the Arell Food Institute’s vision and get the support of the University of Guelph faculty advisor.

In peculiar situations, students may receive a scholarship, but this is subject to approval by the graduate program and the university.

Selection Criteria

There are certain criteria by which the scholarship will be awarded, and this involves a screening process of the various application files. These criteria are:

  • Exceptional academic achievement
  • Relevance of  your intended research to the mission and vision of the food institute and reason you want to join the school.
  • Track record of public engagement contained on your CV.

Scholarship Duration and Reward

The master’s program is worth 50,000 dollars per year for a duration of 2 years.

The doctorate program also costs 50,000 dollars per year but has a duration of 4 years.

The scholarship recipients will get the funds applied to their accounts in three installments every year. In some peculiar situations, there might be a special semester extension. 

Required Documents

Every applicant must have the following documents on hand:

  • A statement of interest and motivation for the scholarship.
  • a current CV;
  • A letter of support from the current faculty advisor in the University.

University of Canada West Scholarship Program for International Students

The University of Canada West Scholarship Program is a program available for those students who want to pursue an undergraduate or postgraduate degree at the institution.

Once awarded, you are only eligible for one award.

Scholarship Requirements:

The requirements for you to get this scholarship are as follows:

  • Domestic and foreign students can both apply.
  • Courses that are not eligible for this scholarship are ENGL 080, New Student Orientation and any course that is taken multiple times.
  • Scholarship applicants are expected to be UCW ambassadors and be involved in outreach initiatives to the respective home regions once given the scholarship.

Scholarship Duration and Reward

The value of a scholarship award will not exceed that of your tuition.

The number of credit units in your course will determine how much the award value will be.

McGill University Entrance Bursary Program For International Students

The Entrance Program is offered by the McGill University Bursary to students who come from low- to middle-income households and who have a genuine need for financial aid. You can apply if:

  • New entrants in their sophomore year and
  • also new undergraduates into professional programs.

The program aims to give students access to resources such as government aid, part-time work, and various sources of funding.

Scholarship Requirements:

The requirements to be accepted into the entrance bursary program include the following: 

  • You must be willing to run a full-time program at the university. 
  • There must be a genuine financial aid intention to apply for government aid for students or any other funding resource. 

Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Scholarship For International Students

The Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Scholarship is focused on empowering beneficiaries to create impact on society at large while giving them leadership skills to stand them apart in their different endeavors and communities. 

The students are also instilled with values that cause them to be exceptional leaders with diverse perspectives and ingenuity in challenging situations. 

Scholarship Requirements:

The Pierre Elliot Trudeau scholarship requires the following:

  • You must already have initially entered the first-year or second-year of a doctoral program.
  • Your field of interest should be related in one way to human science or have a direct relationship to Canada’s future.
  • Your doctoral work must relate to at least one of the Foundation’s Four Themes: Human Rights and Dignity, Responsible Citizenship, Canada and the World, People and their Natural Environment.
  • You can either be a Canadian citizen studying at a Canadian or international institution or a non-Canadian undergoing a doctoral program.

Scholarship Duration and Reward

Beneficiaries of the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation receive:

  • Access to a network of vibrant individuals that includes fellows and scholars and in different disciplines.
  • Leadership training from the best of minds in the Trudeau institution that will give you a rich learning experience outside of just your academics.
  • An avenue to get proficient in Canada two main languages English and French.
  • An amount that reaches up to $40000 per annum for 3 years to pay for tuition and other living expenses.

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