Creamy Tasty Keto Pinwheels

Keto Pinwheels are so easy to make that you won’t miss the tortillas. There are several ways to prepare Keto Pinwheels without needing tortillas which has been associated over time with preparing Keto pinwheels. However there are other ways to prepare the irresistible meal without needing the tortillas.

It can also be made using pepperoni, genoa salami, pepper jack cheese and some meat and pickles. They give your pinwheels the perfect tang with a little vegetable too.

Ready in: 1hrs (Prep: 15mins; Cook: 45mins)
Serves: 5


  • Finely diced pickles – 4 tablespoon
  • Pepperoni and genoa salami – 8-10 thin slices
  • 8oz-block cream cheese – 1


  1. First, whip the  cream cheese until it is fluffy.
  2. Spread cream cheese in a 1/4 inch thick rectangle in the center of a large piece of plastic wrap
  3. Spread pickles right over the cream cheese.
  4. Then go on to place the salami over the cream cheese, make sure to spread the salami all over till all the top of the cheese is covered in salami, you can also be creative with it by placing it in overlapping layers.
  5. Place another plastic wrap over salami layer and press down.
  6. Flip over so bottom cream cheese layer is now facing the top.
  7. Carefully pee plastic wrap on top off the cream cheese layer.
  8. Now begin rolling into log shape slowly by removing the bottom layer of plastic wrap.
  9. Afterwards, place pinwheel in tight plastic wraps and then refrigerate for 4 hours. 
  10. Afterwards, your pinwheels are ready to be wheeled into your stomache!

You could add more to the salami as you would like and preferably you could refrigerated overnight as well.

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