Easy Homemade Creamy Dairy-free Coconut Paleo Sour Cream

Easy to make, anytime and anyday. Just within 5 minutes you are done and ready to go. So, if you don’t have your cold creamy sour cream in stock, you have no cause for alarm. This easy recipe will guide you on how to make super easy homemade creamy coconut paleo sour cream that is a perfect substitute for your sour cream.

It tastes great and can be used for your chili meal and most Mexican dishes. I still wonder how I can eat chili without some cold sour cream on top. The experience doesn’t look great for me. Thus, I don’t play with my homemade paleo sour cream as it gives me the sense of confidence and satisfaction anytime I want to cook chili food.

Ready In: 5 mins (Prep time: 5 mins)
Serves: 6

Ingredients for Coconut Paleo Sour Cream

  • Full fat coconut milk – 1 can
  • Fresh lemon juice (you can use apple cider vinegar) – 1-2 tablespoon
  • Sea salt – 1/8 teaspoon


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How to make Coconut Paleo Sour Cream

  1. Put the coconut milk in your refrigerator for over 6 hours, preferable overnight to enable the cream separate from the milk.
  2. Open the can of milk and scoop out the cream into a bowl. Store the milk for other purposes.
  3. Add the lemon juice and salt to the bowl and whisk thoroughly to combine well.
  4. Done!
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