Cheapest Universities in Berlin

Education is highly organized in our world today, especially in Europe. However, the cost of education in different areas differs, and while schooling is affordable in some parts, it is costly in most parts of Europe. In this article, we’ll be looking at different universities that are affordable in Berlin. Stay with us as we proceed.

This article contains lists of the cheapest universities in Berlin, especially for foreign students.

Education in Berlin, Germany, to be specific, is one of the best places you can learn in the world. Berlin is known to have in its possession one of the biggest universities in Germany.

Humboldt University of Berlin 

This citadel of learning is a public university that lies in the central borough of Mitte in Berlin, Germany. It was founded in 1809 and opened in 1810, which makes it the oldest of the four available universities in Berlin. The Humboldt University has nine faculties, including a medical school, which it shares with the Free University of Berlin, and offers over 189 courses from undergraduate to post-doctoral levels. In 2016, the university ranked 126th according to world rankings by British QS.

There are no tuition fees at the Humboldt University of Berlin. However, the application fee for tuition for applicants from other European countries is €37, €300 for undergraduate students starting the new semester, and €250 for exchange students. Also, an accommodation fee of £162–255 for each month and a transportation fee of €66 for four weeks

Charité — Berlin University of Medicine 

The university possesses the status of the largest university clinic in Europe, and it has relations with Humboldt University and the Free University of Berlin. The university was founded in 1710, and it is regarded as one of the country’s most research-intensive medical institutions.

In the years 2012–2017, the school was ranked as the best hospital, beating over 1,000 other hospitals in the country. It is no wonder that so many German Nobel Prize winners were once alumni of the school.

The school’s tuition fee is €2,500 each semester, €190 for a Berlin public transport ticket, plus an extra €120 for the matriculation fee.

Technical University of Berlin

The Technical University of Berlin is a citadel for public research, founded in 1879. It is among the best universities in Europe.

Known for its top-ranked engineering programs, the school is said to be among the schools with the highest number of international students in Germany. According to the Times Higher Education World University Rankings, the Technical University of Berlin is ranked 82nd in the world and 7th in Germany.

Also, the citadel of learning is one of the best-ranked German universities when it comes to statistics, operations research, and mathematics, as stated by QS.

The tuition fee is €9,250 each year; on-campus living costs are €900; and the campus accommodation fee is €3,000.

Berlin University of the Arts

Berlin University of the Arts, as the name implies, is a public art and design school in Berlin, and it’s part of the four research universities in the state.

The university has four colleges with major specialties in fine arts, architecture, design, and media, including performing arts.

The good news is that the school does not require tuition fees for students to enroll, but there are some exceptions for the master’s program. However, every student at any of the Berlin universities has to pay a sum of €320 each semester.

University of Potsdam

The University of Potsdam was founded in 1991. The school is located in Brandenburg, and it’s the largest university in the city.

The school does not accept tuition except for the administration fee, which is approximately €280 for each semester and comes with a ticket for public transport every semester in Potsdam and Berlin.

ESCP Europe (École supérieure de commerce de Paris)

ESCP is a private business school founded in 1819. As a European school, its campuses can be found in Berlin, Paris, London, Madrid, etc. The ESCP is among the 76 schools in the world to have achieved the triple accreditation of AACSB, EQUIS, and AMBA.

The tuition fee is €170, while the fee for the program for EU students is €13,600 and €18,000 each academic year.

Hertie School of Governance

The Hertie School of Governance is a private graduate school that is independent. The school was founded in 2003 and is located in Berlin. The postgraduate university offers a master’s in international affairs, public policy, and public administration.

The Hertie School of Governance is known to also award Ph.D. study programs.

The tuition fee for Hertie School Governance is €32,500 for the MPP program that lasts for two years and €8,125 each semester.

Steinbeis-Hoschule Berlin

The Steinbeis-Hoschule Berlin University is a private university founded in 1998.

The citadel of learning offers programs in Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Engineering, Bachelor of Business, etc.

The Steinbeis-Hoschule Berlin tuition fee is €3,000 each semester, for a total of €9,000 a year.

European School of Management and Technology

The ESMT is a private school that was founded in 2002 and is also non-profit.

The university offers a postgraduate diploma in management and a master’s degree. ESMT Berlin is one of the four business schools in the country that have triple accreditation.

The tuition fee at ESMT is €43,500.

Intentional Psychoanalytic University Berlin 

The International Psychoanalytic University Berlin was founded in 2009 as a non-profit school university, of which it maintains its status till today.

The Intentional Psychoanalytic University Berlin is recognized by the German state and has been awarded institutional accreditation by the German Council of Science and Humanities. The school’s MA psychology degree topped the ranking as number one in 2016 by CHE University among the country’s psychology master’s programs.

The tuition fee at the Citadel of Learning is stipulated at €1,800 each semester.

Alice Salmon University of Applied Sciences Berlin

Alice Salmon University is a vocational university for specific fields such as social work, public health, and early childhood education.

The tuition fee is €240, and it has the option of being paid by installment.



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