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Super Easy And Quick Keto Instant Pot Yummy Thai Shrimp Soup Recipe With Garlic

Supper delicious and flavorful keto Thai shrimp soup. This keto instant pot Thai shrimp soup is super healthy as it is highly friendly for paleo, whole30, and low carb diets. Spiced up with lime, coconut, lemongrass, and garlic, you cannot afford to say no to this one. This keto Thai shrimp soup is one of […]

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Ketogenic Recipes, Recipes, Soup and Stew

Super Delicious Low-carb Keto Cauliflower Soup

This low-carb keto cauliflower soup is perfectly prepared for you if you are looking for a keto friendly or paleo friendly meal. Richly packed with awesome micronutrients derived from watercress, spinach, and other healthy veggies used to cook this delicious keto cauliflower soup. It’s green and super healthy. Let’s go green! Ready In: 20 mins […]

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Low Carb Chicken Taco Soup
Instant Pot, Ketogenic Recipes, Recipes, Soup and Stew

Best Low Carb Chicken Taco Soup With Instant Pot

This low carb chicken taco soup is very easy to prepare, and it only takes few minutes to get done. All you need to kick start is your chicken and instant pot. Other ingredients like the diced onion, minced garlic, chipotles, cumin, etc are readily available in the nearest shop in the neighborhood. Fortunately, the […]

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