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Low Fat Banana Walnut Cake

Moist and comforting banana walnut bread – pure low fat cake, but many will hardly know this. Ready in:1hr15min (Prep:15min, Cook:1hr )Serves: 12 Ingredients caster sugar – 150g (5 oz) ripe and mashed bananas – 2 Apple sauce or purée – 4 tablespoons Eggs – 2 balls Skimmed milk – 5 tablespoons  Olive oil – […]


Sugar-free Chocolate Cake

Ready in: 25min  (Prep: 5min, Cook: 20min )Makes: 12 cupcakes/fairy cakes  Ingredients  Self-raising flour – 100g Cocoa powder – 2 tablespoons Low fat margarine – 100g Medium eggs – 2 balls Splash semi – skimmed milk  Splenda powder – 50g Method Place all the ingredients into a bowl and mix thoroughly until it becomes completely […]


Blackcurrant Tea-Bread

Tart blackcurrant makes a wonderful summer tea-bread that is fruity but not too sweet, while mint adds a fresh herbal note to it. If you can have a glut of blackcurrants, make few loaves from it and freeze for up to 2 months. Ready in: 1hr 35min (Prep: 20min, Cook: 1hr15min) Serves: 12  Ingredients Self-rising flour […]