Awesome Vegan Avocado Reuben Sandwich

Vegan Avocado Reuben Sandwich is an awesome sandwich which you will definitely like to taste. Below are the steps to get this meal in place.

Servings: 1 sandwich


  • Rye or Pumpernickel bread – 2 slices
  • Avocado (pitted, peeled, and mashed) – 1/2
  • Sauerkraut  – ¼ Cup
  • Mustard
  • Thousand Island dressing


  1. Spread one slice of bread with some mustard
  2. And the other slice with Thousand Island dressing
  3. Place the bread slices, dry side down, in a lightly oiled skillet
  4. Top one slice with avocado, and the other with sauerkraut.
  5. Over medium heat, grill the sandwich until lightly browned and hot, for about 5 minutes. Put the sandwich halves together and you are good to go.

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